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March 9th, 2013, 1:31 pm


The Current Updates and a Happy Reveal

A quick note about the present updates. I am uploading a couple pages at a time daily to catch up to my current batch on the Thorns original comic site. So there will be a bunch of updates for a while then it will go to 1 page a week.

There is a total of 67 pages currently on the Thorns original site (updates weekly). If you would rather read them all in one go so far head over to if you'd rather stay here and wait for updates that's great too. Thanks for reading!

On a happy side note I'm finalizing the designs on the Beast as a Prince now. I've never been more happy with the results. I'm so excited when this persona will finally make an appearance. Also remember my "Beauty and the Beast" story is extremely different than the original. There's no predicting it! All I can say is this is a definite fantasy story ;)

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