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May 13th, 2013, 10:29 pm


Soon To Update Twice A Week? Extras!!!

Hi everyone!
So it looks like I've created a pretty big buffer of pages lately (60 pages!). I'm soon going to change the updates to 2 pages a week for a while! Exciting! Yes!


I've just got to final 2 PAGES that are set to update soon (their a bit complicated so it's taking me a bit to finish). So once I knock those out the updates will change. I will let you know when that happens (but for now a heads up). It's coming soon pretties!

In other news I'm throwing up an "Extras" section filled with promotional, creator/character themed mini comics, wallpapers, and misc illustrations. Basically art to keep myself sane since this comic is pretty intense till my comedic relief character comes in (also my fav character in the comic).

So soon! Thanks for reading!

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